Upcoming Events

January 28, 2018

Laura and Stan will be part of the Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution celebration, 2:00-3:30 pm, Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley. Reyna Grande is the keynote speaker, and the theme isorced Displacement from Home and Country. This is free for students, and well worth attending.


May 16-20, 2018

Possible trip to New York, if we are able to arrange school visits and travel. Please get in touch if you are in the New York City area and interested.


Past Events:

Jan. 23, M       6 pm, present book to NCIBA people


Feb. 4, S          Pre-launch event at Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 11-12, arrive 10:30 (photos)

Book launch at J-SEI Center, 2-5 pm (photos and photo and photo and my photos and photos)


Feb. 6, M        Read at Green Arcade Bookstore at 7 pm in SF


Feb. 8, W        Pegasus event in downtown, 7:30 pm


Feb. 11, Sat    LA book launch (photos and photos and photos)


Feb. 21, T       Present to Elizabeth Wrenn-Estes’ San Jose State library class
Mar. 3, F         CCSS Conference presentation, 10:15-11:15
Mar 4, Sat      SF History Days table at The Mint, 11-2 pm


Mar. 10, F       Present to ACL with Molly Woodward,  (40-60 librarians), Oakland Public Library, main branch at 14th and Oak. 9 am general start, with our session running from 10:00-10:45 am


Mar. 18, Sat   CAAMFest 2017, Mind of A Creator: Sharing History and Culture Through Children's Books and Graphic Novels (photos and photo and official photos)


5 pm, Activist event at Mrs. Dalloways with Innosanto and Barb (photo and photos)


Mar 19, Sun   Reach and Teach event in San Mateo at a church, 12 pm
First Presbyterian Church Palo Alto, 1140 Cowper Street Palo Alto, CA 94301


April 1, Sat     Event in Presidio related to NJAHS at CIIS location (photos)


April 3, M       Stan and I interviewed by Carol Kocivar for KALW and Westside


April 23, S      LA Times Book Festival panel (video of event and photo)


Apr. 29, Sat    Two events, West Portal, 11-12, Meredith Steiner (photos)
and Western Addition Library, 3-4 pm in SF, Janine Mogannam and Naima Dean


May 1, Mon    Read at Young Activist event in Oakland, 10-11


May 6, Sat      Turn the Page Festival at Fairyland, 10-4


May 9, Tues.  Noon lecture to Alameda County Law Library (photos)


May 11, Th    KALW recording with Rose Aguilar for pledge week, arrive by 9:45 am (live video and listen again)


May 13, Sat    Laura presenting at Morgan Hill SURJ event 4 pm


June 3, Sat     Bay Area Book Festival presentation, 5:00-5:45 pm
June 7, W       Participate in Sarah Park Dahlen’s class, 4-5 or so Central time (photo of thank you card)


June 29, Th    California History Society event with Karen Korematsu and Sharon Omi (photos and video of the presentation)


July 1, Sat       Laura on Labor Fest panel, Internment, Japanese Americans, Labor and The Lessons for Today, SF


July 17           Stan presenting at Japanese Cultural Center in Hawaii


Sept 26, T      7:15 pm ACLU event at The Redwoods in Mill Valley, The Redwoods, Mill Valley


Sept 27, W     7 pm ACLU event at Japanese American Museum in San Jose


Sept 28, Th    7:30 pm ACLU event at Kepler’s Books, photo


Sept 29, F       6:30 pm ACLU event at Laurel Books, photos


Sept 30, Sat   10:30 am ACLU event at Yolo Library, Davis

1:30 pm ACLU event at Sierra 2 Center, Sacramento


Oct. 6, F          am, take part in Kidquake, photo


Oct. 26, Th     7-7:30 pm curriculum night at Dearborn Park School/Antioch


Oct. 28, S        Event at Wing Luke Museum, arrive at 1 pm, photos


Nov. 2, Th       UCB HSSP presentation with Jennifer Brouhard from 5-7 pm


Nov. 5, Sun     Me and Stan as keynote speakers in Turlock, 4 pm for 45 minutes


Nov. 17, F       Session #1190: Civics Alive!: Teaching History to Middle-Grade Students through Biography , NCSS Conference, 4:45 - 5:45 PM Moscone Center West


Dec 3, Sun      Bill of Rights event in Oakland, 1:00-4:30 pm – not featured but our books was!


Dec. 9, Sat      3-6 pm Social Justice Children’s Book Fair